Incentive & Team Building

Our INCENTIVES are organized by off road, canoeing, boating, inflatable boating, trekking, banana boating, climbing.

The incentives are events designed and organized to build relationships, develop new business, retain customers and launch new products or services.
They are proposed to support of marketing strategies and communications  company in improving interpersonal relationships.

The wide choice of sporting and cultural activities  allows the creation of events that include the direct or indirect involvement of the guests, and they guarantee the emotional response.

The objectives of the TEAM BUILDING activities are manifold: facilitating communication, creating relationships, increase collaboration, motivating the group, creating integration, stimulate creativity, develop empathy and listening, knowing how to assess the potential and aptitudes, approach and bring out the leadership.

There are only a few examples: shooting with a slingshot, strengths and skills test, and rock climbing, sack race, race with canoes and pedal boats, tug the rope, running with wheelbarrow, rowing with inflatables, treasure hunt discovering plants and Mediterranean herbs and other services on request.